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In the aim of social inclusion, Le Créneau also hosts teenagers in need for a stay outside of the foster care institutions.

The teenagers are integrated in the volunteers  team and they take part in the work depending on their autonomy. They benefit from a specific mentorship adapted to their needs.

Presentation of the program (in French)

Individual stay

It concerns teenagers between 14 and 18 years old living under the responsibility of the french social services in foster homes or social centers.

It is not just a parenthesis or a workcamp vacation. It is built around the development and realization of a professional and / or personal project. The motivation of the young person to build this project is an essential prerequisite for any  stay within the association.


The young person is integrated into a group of international volunteers living on the domain,  participates in worksite and discovery activities according to his level of autonomy, and benefits from educational support adapted to his needs. The socio-educational support officer is responsible for the smooth running of the stay. It ensures the construction, implementation and monitoring of a personalized course.

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