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Renovation and maintenance

On a daily basis, participants and volunteers who come to live an experience in Le Créneau take part in several activities :

Building of the dome

Capture du 2020-05-12 10_15_04.png
Capture du 2020-05-12 10_15_31.png

Upgrading of the collective kitchen


Building of the greenhouse


Upgrading the castle

Major upgrading work has been achieved since 2010. The goal is to offer a secure, functional and comfortable hosting facility, and receive an official recognition.

To do so, our association planned several steps of renovation achieved by local companies or the volunteers themselves if there are no or few required skills.


Those past years, the main focus were:

  • the access to the castle (road and path) ;

  • the fire safety device (basement renovation) ;

  • renovate the outside of the dungeon’s tower ;

  • upgrading the basement ;

  • upgrading the collective kitchen.

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