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Life as a collective

During the year, the castle of Les Prureaux is inhabited by 6 to 15 people : a team of permanent staff workers and a group of international volunteers, for an average from 6 up to 15 people.


The everyday life in the castle is entirely managed by people living there. The staff, volunteers and the groups we host participate collectively in each activity : cooking, shopping, housekeeping , gardening, leisure activities, etc.

The associative life is also supported by  our local volunteers, who give their time and energy smiling and spreading good atmosphere!

Thank you for that...


The board

In 2020

Denis Maridet

Eliane Deriot

Jean-Michel Courant (treasurer)

Julien Sabot (president)

Marie Bergaoui

Marie-Reine Perretant (secretary)

Sandrine Bergaoui

Sophie Allot Koubiac


Adeline Serrand, 

Hosting and volunteering coordinator

Adrian Hoven,

Technical leader

Sandrine Trabouyer,

Social and educational coordinator

Sophie Déponge,

Regional deleguee

Girls Performing Dab Dance

The permanent workers

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