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Volunteering gives youngsters from all around the world an opportunity to experience the Créneau adventure by living on the castle ‘s site for a period between a month and a year.

The distinction is made between short term (1-2 months) and long term volunteering (6 to 12 months). There are different types of volunteering programs.

  • European  Solidarity Corps (ESC):  European Union program which encourages young adults from 18 to 30 years old to take part in a volunteering project abroad between 6 to 12 months, with a financial support for hosting organizations.

  • European  Solidarity Corps  - short term: similar to ESC regarding the conditions, although the target group is mostly people with fewer opportunities (social, economical or geographic difficulties).

  • Service Civique (SC): french programm that gives french youngsters between 18 and 25 the opportunity to get involved in general interest missions for a duration of 6 months.


Volunteering in le Créneau (in French)

A collective life included in the local community


Volunteers live together in a house fitting the needs of collective life. For each volunteer to be as actively involved as possible, the schedule is planned to have space for meetings dedicated to organize the collective life. We also take care to host a diversity of nationalities and gender and that this diversity coexist in a spirit of care between everyone.


Volunteers are implicated in all the actions carried by the organization, including its representation (forums, local events, etc.), but also activities of leisure time in the surrounding villages such as:

  • language lessons,

  • activities with a medical hosting facility for people suffering from mental illnesses,

  • Traditional dance lessons,

  • Football practice.

Along their stay, they learn to live and work together, and last but not least, they learn about themselves.

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