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Embark upon a multicultural adventure!


The workcamp is a tool through which people learn how to work together beyond differences.


From 2 to 3 weeks, a group of volunteers from different nationalities gather around the realization of a concrete, general interest project.

This experience provides intercultural learning and a collective dynamic carried out by the group in every shared moments.


The different works can cover different topics depending on the needs : renovation, environment protection, cultural / artistic events.

Discover a territory!

The local heritage valuation is a major part of our project. The leisure time is built around the surroundings discovery: 

  • expertise: meeting with local craftsmen, farmers and workers in local markets ; 

  • geographic territory: participants discover the local ecosystem. As this territory becomes theirs for a few weeks, they are more aware of the need to preserve it ;

  • culture: local fairs, language, traditional food and music, habits and customs, etc ;

  • society: meetings with the local population.

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