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A delegation of the Solidarités Jeunesses movement

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Le Créneau is one of the 8 regional delegations of Solidarités Jeunesses. We represent the movement in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region.

Solidarités Jeunesses  is a non formal education organization involved in a historical movement of peace building and promotion.


The teams carrying this project are convinced by the necessity to work on peace building  between people, beyond national borders.

As a non-formal education organization, Solidarités Jeunesses relies on participative education to promote initiative, involvement and to gather the strengths and skills of volunteers and workers.

Our organization meets Solidarités Jeunesses' will to build peace and defend a society in which progress is mainly social, and respect towards human rights and environment are fundamental values. A society in which the freedom to chose, dream and resist is innate or supported.


One movement, several networks

Solidarités Jeunesses:

For more information about the network, please visit Solidarités Jeunesses website.

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