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Le Créneau works in collaboration with town halls, national parks and local associations. 

Each year, our association aims to support general interest project on the local territory, through the implementation of international workcamps.

The project management is taken care of by a contact person in charge and in partnership with the candidate structure. 

Workcamps can cover multiple topics such as: small built heritage rehabilitation, maintenance of natural heritage, community facilities layout, participation in a local event.

During the year, the castle of Les Prureaux is inhabited by 6 to 15 people : a team of permanent staff workers and a group of international volunteers, for an average from 6 up to 15 people.


The everyday life in the castle is entirely managed by people living there. The staff, volunteers and the groups we host participate collectively in each activity : cooking, shopping, housekeeping , gardening, leisure activities, etc.

The associative life is also supported by  our local volunteers, who give their time and energy smiling and spreading good atmosphere!

Thank you for that...

Le Créneau as a project manager

Le Créneau offers to research, prepare and involve a group of 10 to 12 volunteers:

  • coming from different countries,

  • for 2 to 3 weeks,

  • to experience collective life and work,

  • led by a technical and collective life leaders trained in our organization, responsible for the group life management.

Lentigny's town valuation


Valuation of the old city center for the city of Lentigny (43) : layout, painting, city works,  built heritage.

10 participants coming from Belgium, Wales, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Russia, Turkey and France !

Souvigny's middle age festival


Support to the organisation of the middle age festival in Souvigny (03), in partnership with Souvigny Grand Site association.

10 participants coming from Spain, Italy, Mexico,  Serbia, de Russia, Turkey, Korea, and France!

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